Another Day, MD appt,Hypotensive and Tachycardic..and haven’t STARTED Christmas shopping AHH!!

I am wide awake, should be in bed. 515am comes mighty quick after all. I am running on not a lot of sleep last night. Any my brain won’t give me a rest.

My blood sugars have been pretty good so I am satisfied with that. Monday was a normal day as normal can be for a T1 diabetic. Tuesday, I wake to realize my pulse is racing. I check it with my blood pressure monitor and is nearly 140. Freaked out to say the least.

I get ready and go to work as calmly and quietly as I could. At work, I can’t concentrate, paranoid because my pulse is still so high. All of my coworkers were trying to get me to go to the ER, but as stubborn as I am, I of course did not. I choose to go home and lay in bed. I relax all day, hard to do as I NEVER leave work like that. At any rate, I had called and made an appt. to be seen the next morning. I get by the night and go in for my appointment. The med assistant tells me my pulse is 76…no offinse, but I can take my pulse and it is nearly double, By the time the doc comes in, I tell her there is no way it is 76. I can feel my heart, and I can count by the way too. She says, are sittng at about 124. Plus I have a fever and and FREEZING..I mean shivering cold. Not that I was happy I was right, but a heart rate is not rocket since to calculate. Any ways, I digress. After labs and a once over, it seems by blood pressure medication that I was put on (for protection of my kidneys, I do not have or have never had high blood pressure) was making my BP drop. I also knew this b/c I had been checking it when I was checking my pulse all day the day before. So my BP drops and my heart trys to compensate. Honestly, that is what I was figuring, but I rather hear it from the professional.
Labs came back mostly normal…no infection, etc. However labs turn up that I am anemic. Yay. At least I know why I am tired and forever cold (part of the reason anyway) Low BP will do it too. Seriously, people on my office will have desk fans on them, me I have a jacket or two on.
Well at least the reason why my heart was going nuts and the reason why I was cold has a reason, and a fix that we are tweaking with my meds. ** Who would have thought that I would be on more medications in my 30’s than my grandmother in her 80’s.**

Same night, my honey has to go back to work. So I always hate that. First I just hate when he leaves. Yeah, I am one of these odd women who wants to be with her man everyday. So he leaves for work, and in the middle of the night. I NEVER sleep the night he leaves, I guess I worry a lot, but I can’t stand him not being there by me in bed. So I didn’t sleep that night, then yesterday was just a crap day at work. No matter what you do, it’s not right or its not good enough or its just all around your fault. Needless to say by the time I got home, I was so physically and emotionally exhausted that I just broke down. I have to realize work is not my life and I have a life outside of that place. It can not make you feel like this. I just have to remind myself that, no matter how hard it is. Didn’t sleep well last night either, I guess because the whole work fiasco of that day. I let stuff bother me too much. And here I am tonight. Just plain can’t sleep so here I sit.

Now the last, yeah right, thing on my mind right now. Christmas has crept up like you wouldn’t believe, just as it does every year apparently. I don’t have a lot of people to buy for. Usually my mom, a few close family members and of course my boyfriend. I have a few ideas of what I can get for him. He is usually hard to buy for, and I always want to get him anything he wants. He’s the type that has everything he wants. He wants something, he can afford it and he gets it. Makes my job a little hard. Anyway, I will have to get all of that done by the time he gets back from work a little before Christmas. I can do it, I always do. Somehow.

So if my brain will slow, as well as my heart, I am going to attempt to sleep again. All i can do is try. That’s all I can ask of myself in any respect of all my aspects of life.
OK getting a tiny bit deep. I shall end this here. Here’s to a good day FRIDAY tomorrow, of good blood sugars, blood pressures and heart rates. I don’t think that asking too much! 🙂


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