Okie Dokie Then….

So yeah, its been more than a little while since I have made myself sit down and get a post out. It’s the cliche “there’s just not enough hours in the day”. And somehow, it’s true, there truly just aren’t most days. Yeah, I know there are a lot of fellow PWDs with blogs out there that I enjoy following and actually do so on a fairly regular basis. Believe you me, I know they are a lot busier than I am. I just find it amazingly hard to make myself stop and take time for ME to get my thoughts, emotions and everything else in my life with insulin dependent diabetes.
The holidays went by fairly well. My sugar’s behaved as well as I could expect. More normal results that abnormal ones.
I did get to have my honey home for both Christmas and New Year’s, which is the first time we have had both together in the 10+ Christmas holiday seasons that we have been together. That was a gift in itself, truly. But my actual present from him was just as good. He gave me a car. My FIRST car that was actually mine, all mine. Still, almost two months later, I still can’t believe it. No, it wasn’t a new car, it was his car that he gave to me when he bought a new car for himself (which I didn’t know about until I was given his as my gift). At any rate, it is new to me and I could care less that it’s used. At least I know who the owner was and how well it was taken care of, etc. etc. He teased me about it for weeks and apparently had been planning it for months. He would give me hints, all without telling a lie, and always keeping me in the dark. “It will all make sense when you get your present.” OK…I got “it’s something you truly truly want, but would never ever ask for”. Well all this was true when I finally opened a small wrapped box, that had been filled with a weight to really throw me off, and saw the car keys. I can honestly say that I was completely surprised and totally in shock and awe. Everything I was being given as hints finally did fall into place. So I spent Christmas shopping for insurance and looking into title, registration and all that other legal crud, then after that I made it mine. Legally and literally. I “girled it up” a little bit. I didn’t go over the top…at least not yet. A license plate cover, a touch here, a touch there and it is finally something I can say that is mine.
Not too long after Christmas, he went back off to, immediately after I get the flu and am down with that for several days, but was still not feeling back to normal for a couple weeks. By blood sugars sure knew I was sick, which I knew they would. I knew why they would jump and hover where I didn’t want them to be, but that didn’t make it any easier to accept. I am one that wants to keep my numbers as close to “normal” as I can be. So seeing my number climb even though I was doing everything correct, I never did anything I shouldn’t have, was extremely frustrating to say the least. Eventually I starting feeling better and numbers finally started to normalize. I finally was no longer ticked off at my body for being sick…and life goes on.
So about a month later and we are approaching the almighty commercial holiday that is Valentine’s. Something that honestly we never really celebrated, and I am totally fine with that. I made no plans other than to get him maybe a little box of candy for the day he came home from work (actually V-Day itself). When off to work he goes today and asks me when Valentine’s is…um ok….”it’s next Thursday, the day you come home”…”OK good, I already got your present.”… Seriously? We don’t do Valentine’s…I love buying gifts for people, but this isn’t one we normally do. So off I go this weekend to shop…don’t mind that either by the way 🙂
O well…I think I’ve been all over the place tonight and had filled in the last couple months nicely. Hopefully I can plant myself down here in before another two months go by.


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